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Our services

We are committed to provide satisfactory services to the customers by delivering prompt and quality output at value prices.  Out end-to –end service includes.



Tridev Associates has discovered the easiest way of dealing with the problems of Registration & Maintenance of Statutory Records under various Labour Laws such as.



Why us :

  1. Some of the salient features that help us stand apart in the national markets are as follows.
  2. We are fully committed towards providing constructive value additions to our clients.
  3. Our team of professionals is trained to give a progressive service support to our clients.
  4. We are able to give our client 100 percent compliance.
  5. The experience and knowledge of the field by our Top Management.

About us


We are the true professionals and consultants in the field of upkeep of Labour Record Systems under various Labour laws i.e.


Employees Provident Fund (EPF) & Miscellaneous Provision Act, 1952, E.S.I Act, 1948; Factories Act, 1948, Payment of wages under Minimum Wages Act, Bonus Act and Labour Welfare Fund Rules and various other acts.


We provide labour law consultation, end-to-end services and logistics support to carryout and implement Labour Law related works. We have a team of highly competent, proficient and dedicated professional and qualified associates having rich and varied experience in these fields. Our office is fully equipped with a sophisticated Software Applications to deliver prompt and quality results. We ensure that the customer gets the worth for the money he is spending to avail our services. Our efforts are to provide better services to our clients enabling them to achieve scale by cost minimization.


Every commercial establishment / factory is liable to implement one or the other Central / State Government enactments in respect of labour laws. Tridev Associates provides you a distinctive and absolute way to get rid of all your labour law related problems.


Our Staff :

We have 25 well qualified staff having good knowledge in the field of various labour Law.  We strongly believe that our client get maximum satisfaction at minimum cost and efforts. Our clients can rely on us. We have never failed them in the past and we will make it equally easy for them in future.


About our Partners:

We channelize our efforts under the astute leadership of Mr. Amrendra Kumar Singh and Yogesh Kumar (Partner), a Management Graduate Having seventeen years of experience.  He has brought complete professional approach in handling all the labour laws.


Our Business Approach:

Our systematic and streamlined method of maintaining the records helps to provide apt service according to the Client's requirement at the stipulated time. We have qualified and efficient staff, for maintaining the records and deals with the officials.


Support and preparation of documents required under the various Acts for Registration and obtaining Licence from the Department. Maintenance and submission of the following statutory.



1.  Payment of Wages Act, 1936 Form IV-A

2.  Minimum Wages Act & Rules Form No. III

3.  Annual Return under Workmen's compensation Act

4. Maternity Benefit Act, 1961 L.M.N
5. The Contract Labour Act 1970
6.  Preparation and submission of documents for registration under The Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition)   Act, 1970.

(a)  Preparation of Annual Return in Form No. XXV as provided under rule 82(2).

(b)  Preparation of Half-yearly Return in Form XXIV as provided under rule 82(1).

(c)  Preparation of document and provide support for Renewal of Licence/Registration.


(d) Provide support and complete guidance for Maintenance of Records required under the Act i.e. Register of   Contractor in Form XII, XIII, XIV, XV,XVI,XVII, XVIII, XIX etc.

(e) Checking of the records of the vendors on quarterly basis for each locations

(f)  Support and guide in preparation of replies required for correspondence with Labour Department regarding   notices under this Act.